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This week at iLounge: the big news of the week was the release of The Free iPod Book 2.2, an expanded and updated version of the book recommended by The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg as "the free manual on getting the most from your iPod." Over 200 pages worth of iPod goodness — shopping, troubleshooting, and more — are inside the hassle-free PDF download.

Hit the jump for the rest of the iPod goodness.

Still squinting at the video iPod's 2.5" screen? With iLuv's i1055, shown in an exclusive First Look this week, you can add a widescreen 7-incher — plus stereo speakers, a battery pack, DVD player (!) and 48-button remote. You'll be surprised at how good iPod videos can look on a real display.


If you don't choke on the price, you might like this one: Kensington's figured out a way to wirelessly display iPod artist and track info on your car stereo's RDS text screen. Though its results will vary based on the sophistication of your car — ironically, the cheaper the display, the better it's likely to look — the company's new $90 RDS FM Transmitter/Car Charger is now shown in First Looks.

Big reviews: Apple + Nike score big with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit (iLounge rating: A-) but stumble with the Nike+ Sport Armband for iPod nano (iLounge rating: C-); Sima Products does alright with its iPod-to-iPod copying device Hitch (iLounge rating: C+), and iLuv rocks the boombox market with its affordable, portable i552 AM/FM Radio and Docking Speaker System (iLounge rating: A-).

In iNews this week, Apple announced it shipped over 8.1 million iPods during its third quarter, and later discussed a ton of iPod and iTunes topics during a financial conference call. Meanwhile, a new Apple patent application details a touch-screen interface for an iPod, and code in the latest iPod firmware update hints at future iPhone and messaging features. Finally, an Apple executive said he wants consumers to move from third-party iPod auto accessories to iPod-enabled automobiles, and Apple offers a selection of refurbished iPods that come with a free bonus accessory as an added incentive.

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