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This week at iLounge: Everyone knows that the 5G iPod just isn't comfortable for long stretches of video watching. Now, following our full review of the iLuv i1055 7-inch screen and DVD player add-on, two more video display docks have materialized. Sonic Impact provides an exclusive hands-on look at its new $300 Video-55, with an even better screen and speaker combination, and Memorex announces the iFlip, a $200 unit with 8.4" display. Yet another company, ATO, also announced a "high-definition" iSee video sleeve for the iPod for release later this year — the only one that will use a separate partition on the iPod's hard drive to play video formats, including DiVX, unsupported by Apple.

Also in our previews section: H2O Audio has surfaced with new waterproof cases for both the iPod shuffle and 5G, Logitech has launched Noise Canceling Headphones to compete with Bose's QuietComfort series — at a $150 price — and Sonic Impact has released a Bose SoundDock competitor with richer sound and a similar design for $100 less.


In iPod news this week, Apple was misquoted as saying that iPods were designed last "four years"</ a>; Metallica, Warner Bros., and E! joined the iTunes Music Store; Target offers limited edition iTunes Gift Cards; Facebook plans to give away 10 million music samplers from the iTunes Music Store; and PortalPlayer CEO Gary Johnson announced he will resign by the end of the year.

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