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iStubz iPhone/iPod Cables Can't See Over the Bank Counter

Illustration for article titled iStubz iPhone/iPod Cables Cant See Over the Bank Counter

iStubz might sound like a stupid idea, but practically speaking, my iPhone charge/sync cable is a bit annoyingly long when charging over USB.


The iStubz are essentially shortened iPhone/iPod cables. How short, you ask? Imagine a 3-inch cable. Then shorten it by .25 inches.

Yes, that's right, the iStubz measures just 2.75 inches in all. And if that's just too short for you, there's another version available that reaches 8.7 inches.


I mean, the prospect of a shorter iPhone cable isn't keeping me up at night to the extent that I'll order an iStubz-branded replacement for $8. But I'm not you. And I hear that you've been having bed wetting issues, again. [iStubz via Gear Diary via OhGizmo!]

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