Jakku Is Poppin' in Our Exclusive Reveal From Star Wars: A Pop-Up Galaxy

Reading that there’s a dense, impressive new Star Wars pop-up book coming out is one thing. Actually seeing that book in action is something completely different. And so we present to you an exclusive look at Insight Edition’s Star Wars: A Pop-Up Galaxy.

The new book, written and designed by Matthew Reinhart (who you can see in the video above) with art by Kevin M. Wilson (who we’ve featured on the site many times before), features five full dioramas from the Star Wars galaxy. Each one is so intricately detailed, it’s almost silly. There’s Jakku (which you can see in our video), the Death Star, Endor, Crait, and Geonosis, meaning it’s got all the eras of the saga. Here’s a gif of the entire book.

The full Star Wars: A Pop-Up Galaxy book.
Image: Insight Editions

Reinhart went wild with this one. As you see in the video, while it may “only” be five dioramas, each one is exploding with information and cool little details. It even breaks the rules a bit. For example, it has some Cloud City stuff in the Endor section. Each section is really more about just that time in Star Wars as opposed to only what happened in that specific location.


Star Wars: A Pop-Up Galaxy will be out October 22 and retails for $85. Head here to pre-order and find out more.

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I feel like that GIF needs a spoiler warning. Isn’t being surprised at what comes kinda the best part of a popup book? (I know the title says reveal, but I didn’t think it would reveal the whole entire thing).

Not a Star Wars guy, but I can imagine a huge fan being disappointed.