Nintendo Says F You With One-Time-Use Wii Speak Code

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Says F You With One-Time-Use Wii Speak Code

Ars discovered that the upcoming Nintendo Wii Speak peripheral—a microphone that finally lets you communicate to other Wii users online—comes with a 16 character code to download the "Wii Speak" channel. This is a one time use code, which cannot be replaced if lost. What does this mean to you? It means you can NEVER sell this thing, NEVER give it away or NEVER use it on another Wii Console than the one it was first downloaded on. We know game studios and publishers hate secondhand sales, because they don't get revenue from it, but this is HARDWARE. Nintendo's seriously going to limit what you can do with hardware you purchased? You go too far, sir. You go too far. [Ars Technica]

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What's the box for? Can the Wii not handle basic audio input without a middleman?