Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

It's been a big week for apps, as is usually the case during SXSW—though arguably the biggest news came from Nintendo announcing its long-awaited entry into smartphone gaming. But there were lots of new great apps there worth talking about it. Here are some of our favorites.




If Meerkat is live streaming for video, Fradio is the same concept but for radio. With Fradio, you can basically be your own DJ and stream tracks to friends and followers. To access all of this app's awesome features (and music), Fradio is a $10/service for the premium version. Give it a test drive, and see if amateur radio is your true calling before springing for the subscription. [Free/$10/month]


Speaking of Meerkat, the one bit of news everyone ubiquitously reported this week was that 2015 was the year of live streaming and Meerkat was the pack leader. But Stre.am is offering some competition. Much like Meerkat, you can live stream right on your smartphone and you can also comment on streams in real time. One of the benefits of Stre.am is that it also has a full Android client, unlike Meerkat. So if you've wanted to start your social media streaming adventure, the time is now. [Free]


Fun Fit


With the release of HTC Grip, the Taiwanese company is ready to get serious about fitness, and Fun Fit is software evidence of that ambition. Fun Fit is another gamification of working out, letting you connect with Facebook friends, have friendly fitness competition, and access to charts and metrics covering your own health. I welcome gamification of fitness because working out suuuuucks. [Free]

What's Up


So this is a weird approach to tracking health—mental heath, specifically What's Up uses cognitive behavior therapy and acceptance commitment therapy techniques in an app to help you stay motivated, stave off depression, or just help when you're feeling down. In no way should this app replace any kind of professional or medical help, but What's Up is a good example of help that can come from unlikely places. [Free]




Every once in a while I have this fever dream that I'd have a smartphone contact book that would be up-to-date and completely filled out, but that's all it is—just a dream. But with CircleBack, I'd at least have a fighting chance. The app connects to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Outlook to continuously check to make sure your contacts are up to date, and if it detects any change, it will ask if you'd like to apply changes. Reclaim your contacts. [Free]



There are tons of photo editors out there. That's why Enlight is such a great app because it honestly does a lot of the great things that VSCO Cam, Instagram, or any other app can do, but funnels it all into one app. So if you hate switching among apps just to get a picture looking right (and you don't need crazy in-depth controls), then Enlight is a pretty great catchall. Also, act fast because it's currently 50 percent off in iTunes. [$8, currently $4]

Windows Phone



One of the biggest barriers for 3D printing is arming the average person with the tools needed to make their own 3D-printed creations. Autodesk's Tinkerplay is an app for Windows Phone (and also iPhone and Android) that let's you create your own toys, ready for 3D printing. Even if you don't own a 3D printer, you can always ship your designs to 3D-printing services like Shapeways. [Free]

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