Summer's in full swing, and, if we're being really honest with ourselves, everyone's probably praying to the air conditioning gods more than any other tech deity at this point. But man cannot live on air conditioning alone. Plus, June saw some pretty awesome gadgets come our way. Here are the cream of this very, very hot month's gadgety crop.

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The Best HD TV Set

When it comes to high-end HD sets, you get what you pay for. And in the case of Panasonic's new top-of-the-line VT60 plasma set, it's worth every penny. It's a THX-certified flat-screen television, and arguably the single best-looking plasma set on the market right now. Setup was simple and straightforward but exhaustive. Setting up the 97 pound TV and stand requires at least two people and performing the initial software registrations took the better part of an hour, and that's not including calibrating the picture. Once you get through the setup and actually sit down with this set, though, it's just incredible. [More]

The Best Smartphone Display

It’s amazing to hold a beautiful Full HD 1920x1080 mobile computer display and HDTV in the palm of your hand. But only one of the smartphones tested here qualifies as a beautiful display – the Huawei Ascend D2, because it delivers superior picture quality with accurate colors and images. This Figure with screen shots illustrates the major points we make in the conclusion. While Huawei is better known as a manufacturer of low cost smartphones, their Ascend D2 is aimed at the premium top tier, so they managed to hit a home run with the display the first time at bat. My suggestion for Huawei, please keep it up. [More]

The Best Premium Point-and-Shoot

The key differences between the RX100 and RX100 II are a completely new 1-inch Exmor R image sensor, Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, as well as a new tilting three-inch LCD display and a new hot shoe. At a glance, the modifications from one generation to the next might seem minor. Many of the key specs we're used to reciting don't seem to change.These are hardly tweaks—they're big changes. Until now, the Exmor R design has been used only for small sensors in smartphones and junky point-and-shoots. Until now. This one-inch sensor is a first, and Sony claims it'll be up-to 40-percent increase in light sensitivity. The main issue we might take with this camera is price. $650 was already a lot of money to pay for a point-and-shoot camera targeted mostly at a mainstream audience. [More]

Best e-Bike

E-bikes are much-maligned by the cycling community and non-riders alike. They're for lazy people. They're so ugly and clunky looking. But Specialized has come up with an answer for both crowds. You will want to hate the Turbo. You will fail. This thing is so damn fun. We can see it maybe finding a niche with well-to-do commuters who work within twenty miles or so of their home. People who want to add a little more exercise to their lives, and would like to ride a bike to work, but don't want to be a sweaty mess by the time they arrive. People who don't mind being scorned by the hard-core cycling community. Honestly, it's a luxury item. And while it might not change your mind about e-bikes, it's an undeniably good time. [More]


The Best Premium Point-and-Shoot: Bub-bye, Sony RX100.

The Best HD TV Set: See ya never, Panasonic VT50.