Be it in an ad, article, or product announcement, there's a good chance that—at some point—your eyes have darted over the discomforting image of a person gaily laughing and emphatically gesturing towards the cold, vacuous oblivion of a blank TV screen. And you probably didn't even notice it! But once you do, things start looking bleak—and fast.

So why, exactly are these TVs blank? Did someone forget to pay the electric bill? Are these people suffering from a delusional psychosis? Or is it just a matter of legal rights? All probing questions to which we might never have answers—but then again, true art is supposed to challenge you.

A young man enjoys the popcorn he stole from his job at the multiplex.

All a real man needs to be happy is an empty, white room, a beer, and his dead television. Cords are just a crutch.

Did you know that 3D glasses work in real life, too? Because this woman does now.

Nothing sets the mood like sterile furniture and silence.

It's always saddest to see the young ones go.

Power suits and screen-staring are the first steps towards gainful employment. The phone calls should start coming in any day now.

Maybe they're pretending to watch a sports game to save money, maybe the whole family suffers from an advanced, rare form of arthritis. It's impossible know.

He seems to have turned his on, at least, so that's something. That or he painted the screen white—which would perhaps be the saddest scenario of them all.

Images: Shutterstock/Ivan Josifovic/Ana Blazic Pavlovic/Andrey Shadrin/Vinicius Tupinamba/Monika Wisniewska/ bikeriderlondon/racorn/wavebreakmedia/Blend Images