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Report: Apple Pay May Launch Internationally By March

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since November, the rest of the world has been forced look on with mild annoyance and jealousy as Americans have paid for stuff with fingerprints (and a $600 phone). But according to a report from 9to5Mac, the days of having to key in a PIN - ugh- are numbered.

The report, which quotes anonymous "sources close to the situation" and therefore should be taken with the regulation fistful of salt, pegs a Canadian launch for March, with a fuller international rollout expected near to the same time.

An international launch of Apple Pay is an obvious no-brainer, especially since (as the report notes) Apple listed job vacancies last month for a team to roll out Apple Pay across Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia. A launch in Q1 this year would also dovetail nicely with the Apple Watch release, which is expected around the same time. Launching Apple Pay alongside Apple Watch would make complete sense, since the Watch is the only way for individuals without an iPhone 6 to use Apple's payment magic.


Still, if there's anything to be learned from the US rollout of Apple Pay, it's that the payment networks and bank systems are insanely complex and petty — and that was within just one country. Don't ditch that Chip-and-PIN any time soon, in other words. [9to5Mac]