Sony SD Cards Are Over Half Off on Amazon Right Now

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You can always use more memory cards. Whether you're a weekend warrior with your DSLR or a music hoarder on your smartphone, these bite-size bits of storage tend to fill up quickly, and they're easy to lose at that. So take the chance while you've got it, and stock up on Sony memory cards at Amazon. They're mad cheap today.

As its Gold Box Deal of the Day, Amazon has slashed the price of Sony Flash Memory. The saving start at the 16GB Class 10 SDHC/SDXC Memory Card capable of dealing with 3D and HD files for just $10. (That's about a buck cheaper than what's usually the cheapest memory card on Amazon.) The best deal is the 64GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card that's on sale for $40, a whopping 65 percent off the list price. It's never too early to start stockpiling stocking stuffers. [Amazon]


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It finally feels like memory cards have caught up and surpassed the needs of most people (at least in photography, not necessarily video). I've got a 64gb memory card that will hold a ridiculous amount of pictures to the point where I ask myself why I bought two more 32gb cards since I never even come close to filling the big card. Long gone from the days of having a 16mb card that would only hold 1 or 2 of today's pictures.