Japanese Astronaut Concerned After Growing 3.5 Inches Taller in Three Weeks [Update: He Was Wrong]

Update: January 10, 8:20 am EDT: According to new reports, Kanai either fabricated this story, “mis-measured” himself, or it was all a joke that didn’t translate well to English. In a tweet posted earlier today, the Japanese astronaut apologized, claiming he had measured his height after the ISS captain questioned the…

Gorgeous Pacific Rim Robots, and More Toys That Are Probably Too Late to Add to Your Christmas List This Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of the cool toys and merchandise we’ve been trying to furiously add to our Christmas wishlists this week. We’ve got some excellent new Pacific Rim robots, the General of the Resistance herself, and even environmentally-conscious Jenga. What more could you want?

We Chatted With an Astronaut About Showering, Farting, and Boning in Space

As journalists, it’s our obligation—nay, our duty—to ask the hard questions. So when presented with the opportunity to ask a living former astronaut and American hero Mike Massimino about his two trips to the final frontier to fix the Hubble Space Telescope, without any real impetus or news peg, we knew what to do. We…