American Women and Their Dogs Rescued After Being Stranded at Sea for Five Months in Shark-Infested Waters

Two American women and their dogs have been rescued after spending nearly 5 months stranded on the Pacific Ocean surrounded by sharks. Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava set off for Tahiti on May 3rd, but suffered engine failure and even a broken mast. To make matters worse, their phone fell overboard on the first day.

Here's the first footage of US Navy's new bad ass Zumwalt-class destroyer at sea

Wow. Here’s the first footage of the US Navy’s brand new Zumwalt-class destroyer at sea. It’s the most advanced warship that the US Navy has ever made and it totally looks the part, completely bad ass like an Imperial Star Destroyer for the ocean. Just watching it cut through the sea is so damn cool because the ship…