The Apple M1 Is Coming to the Mac Mini

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The Mac Mini is getting a massive update just two years after the last one. Featuring an air-cooled M1 processor Apple promises this is the fastest Mac Mini, and because it’s a Mac Mini it should be the cheapest Mac overall, as well.


Apple claims its 8-core M1 is up to three times faster than the 8th-Gen Intel quad-core processor found in the current Mac Mini. Which... well yes one would hope it’s faster than that ancient processor.

Apple also claims it’s up to 8 times faster than other competitors.

Screenshot: Apple

Around back, it has two USB-C ports that support both USB 4 and Thunderbolt, an HDMI 2.0 port that should support 4K at 60 Hz, Ethernet, a headphone jack, and two USB-A ports. Which is more than any Apple laptop can claim currently.

But the biggest surprise of the Mac Mini might be the price. At just $700 it’s now the cheapest Mac computer you can get running macOS. It’s available for pre-order starting today and will ship next week.

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Apocalypse Cow

So just speccing a mini out right now — only two things you can customize: RAM and SSD. Ram only goes up to 16GB of “unified memory” so I’m assuming no more slots, it’s all on the chip? Too bad no 32GB option. SSDs go to 2TB.

16GB, 1TB SSD prices to $1,299 ...

I was gonna pull the trigger, but I might have to think about this ...