Watch the Crazy Aftermath of a Drone Crashing Next to a Florida Highway

So remember how traffic was pretty bad in Florida yesterday? You know, because of an unmanned drone unexpectedly spiraling down from the heavens and blowing up next to US 98 Highway by Tyndall Air Base? Well, there's video now—or at least of the aftermath. And they were not kidding about that smoke cloud.


A QF-4 drone, the type that crashed, is a modified version of an F-4 Phantom that's essentially used for target practice. The crash was the second Q-4 drone to go down this month, although the first one (occurring last Wednesday, June 10) had been over the Gulf of Mexico and entirely planned. This one not so much. After experiencing problems during takeoff, the unmanned aircraft ended up crashing and subsequently exploding, forcing US 98 to shut down. Fortunately and most importantly, though, no one was harmed during the incident. [Live Leak, Thanks, Matt!]

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