The First Trailer for Butt Boy Doesn't Skimp on the Butts

Despite its slightly off-putting title, let us get this out of the way: Butt Boy is awesome. The small, independent film premiered last year and we loved it, so when an opportunity arose to exclusively debut its trailer and poster ahead of its April 3 release, there were no ifs, ands, or, know.

Butt Boy is the story of a man (played by co-writer and director Tyler Cornack) who finds out he has a terrifying talent. He can stuff anything up his ass. And we do mean anything. What starts as a purely sexual thing quickly becomes something much, much more until his actions begin to attract the attention of a local police detective, played by Tyler Rice.


What happens from there is funny, but also creepy, intense, increasingly weird, and just wholly unique and entertaining. You get a slight idea from the above trailer which merely touches on and teases the big butt action.


In addition to the trailer, here’s the poster, which is about as tame as one could imagine when selling this wonderful movie.

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Butt Boy opens in select theaters April 3 and goes on VOD April 14. It is absolutely worth your time. Get more info here.

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The small, independent film

Ah. So they couldn’t afford royalties to Sir Mix A Lot, I guess.