Watch Every Apple Commercial Ever

Apple commercials are so popular that they're like a TV series all by themselves. A YouTube user collected all the Apple commercials—iPad, iPhone, iMac, iPod, etc.—in a giant playlist for you to watch every single one. You can see the themes develop for each product and laugh at the horrible mistakes Apple made (those Genius ads, for instance) and the celebs they get to shill for their products.


What's your favorite Apple ad? What's the one you find most annoying? Or are they all annoying? Let us know down below and check out the Apple ads here. [YouTube via The Next Web]


All the latest iPhone 5 ads where they're just saying "Hey, we can do what the competition has been doing for over a year now!" The latest is the worst offender, bragging about noise cancellation, something even every iPhone has done since they came out!

Also wasn't a big fan of the regular people ads they had back in the day with morons who couldn't figure out how to use a PC (the Blue Screen of Death!!!).

Most of the other ads are freakin' gold, keep 'em up!