Sony Ericsson Announces P910Finally! Sony Ericsson finally announces the P910 smartphone — featured previously here as the "Layla" prototype — a Symbian OS v7.0-powered update to the very successful P800/P900 phones. Three versions will be released with differing GSM bands to operate in various markets worldwide, as well five different integrated keyboard variants to make thumb typing in different languages easier. In addition, the P910 now has expanded memory (64MB, up from 16MB) and supports Sony's Memory Stick Duo Pro in sizes up to 1GB. The screen has also been bumped from a 65K color screen to a 262K color version.

Links and higher-resolution picture inside.

All in all, not a huge change from the P900, but a richer-color screen is always a welcome addition, especially for web-capable smartphones.
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Sony Ericsson Announces P910