Paris Hilton's BlackBerry Hacked

February 20, 2005 Update:
It's happened again. Now with pictures.
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Paris Hilton's BlackBerry Hacked

An anonymous 'source' has claimed that Paris Hilton's Blackberry has been haxorbated, leaving us with a quote that is almost too choice to be true:


It became obvious to her what was going on, says the source. She was pretty upset about it. It s one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.
And we thought she was way into (the) Sidekicks ? Could Paris Hilton actually be the most connected (to) celeb in Hollywood? That would sort of blow our minds. We've got to get her AIM screenname.

Hacker reads Paris Hilton s e-mail [MSNBC via JoiIto]