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Bluetooth on your iPod can finally be a reality. AirLogic is offering the icombi AP11 wireless stereo iPod dongle. Stream the audio signal directly from your iPod to any compatible Bluetooth device (think laptop, headphones, etc.) while it sucks power from your iPod. Conveniently enough, AirLogic's icombi line also offers (or will soon offer, as the case may be) a wireless stereo headset. If that weren't good enough, a wireless stereo USB dongle for your laptop as well as a "stereo audio dongle" for your other standard minijack devices is in the mix. It's all very cool stuff that I hope makes it to market soon enough, even though I don't have a single Bluetooth device in my house. (I love vicariously.) Check DAPreview and the icombi site for more pictures and spec goodness.

icombi AP11 [icombi via DAPreview]
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