Marantz Gets Pumped Up On Toroidals

I love Marantz audio products. Can't afford them, but I really love them. So it's nice to see the company bringing out even more stunningly expensive stuff this week at CEDIA. My favorite is the TT-15S1 ($1,700), the first turntable Marantz has bothered developing in 20 years. It has a magnetic anti-skating system and anodized arm, as well as a motor that never makes contact with the chassis. Perfect for vinyl snobs purists.

The PM-15S1 ($2,099) is a pretty platinum colored integrated amplifier with a core "massive audiophile-grade toroidal amplifier." (Sounds like something that would be illegal in professional sports.) Includes multiple listening modes and blue rim-lighting that makes it look like a tricked-out car.

Marantz Gets Pumped Up On Toroidals


The CD5001 ($329.99) is the company's newest CD player. Geared for custom installation, it has a detachable cord, triple IR code set, direct IR input and optical and coaxial digital ouputs. Finally, there's the SA-15S1 SACD player ($2,099), that plays SACD, CD and CD-R/RW recordings.