Superstar VJ, Here We Go

Superstar VJs: now you can mix video on your laptop without looking quite so nerdy, thanks to the Darth Vader-black Edirol MD-P1 video controller. Combined with the Mac/Windows motion dive .tokyo software (screenshot after the break), jamming with video and even Flash animations is simple, and the buttons and cross-fader feel terrific and are thoughtfully laid out. If you want to make your audience trip out while you're playing your keyboards, either manually assign MIDI or use the automatic assignments for many Roland and Edirol keyboards. It's not HD, but you might at least get it up to (cough) 640x480 on a fast computer. $500, shipping this month.

VJ Gear (Cheap One): motion dive .tokyo performance package [Create Digital Music]

Another pic after the jump.


Superstar VJ, Here We Go