Shure Gaming and I Series Headphones

Well, if you're looking for more headphones, Shure has got some recent developments. In fact, the company is rolling out two kinds of headsets, the I Series integrated earphones and mobile headset and the E Series:Gaming Edition. The recent E Series includes the E2g ($99), E3g ($179), and E4g ($299) products, all with Shure s sound isolating technology and made specifically for portable gaming devices (hmm...ya think the PSP had anything to do with that??). All of the gaming headphones come with a Personal Fit Kit that include a pair of disposable foam sleeves and triple-flange sleeves, three sizes of flex sleeves, and three sizes of ultra-soft flex sleeves.
The I Series, on the other hand, were made to fit both mobile phones and your MP3 player, using an attachment to help you switch off. The line includes the i2c ($119), i3c ($199) and i4c ($319), which work with the iPod and the PalmOne Treo.

Features include Sound Isolation technology to block background noise, VoicePort Inline Microphone that is tuned to filter out other background noise, a Multi-Function Control Switch for volume and alternating between voice and audio functions and also come with the Fit Kit.

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