Kate Moss Flogs Nikon S6

Nikon is taking the "slim and sexy" category of its digital cameras quite literally by having controversial überwaif supermodel Kate Moss star in a new commercial for Nikon's stylish Coolpix S6 digital camera. Since the target market for superslim cameras like the S6 are typically "club kids" who likely care more about how easily a camera fits into their trendy jeans than the fallout from Moss's alleged involvement in a cocaine scandal, Nikon might be on to something. The commercials, which were scheduled to begin airing today, feature a barely clothed Moss sliding by in a sleek black dress. Though she says nothing in the ads, the message Nikon is trying to brand the 6MP, 0.8-inch-thick S6 with is clear: "slim... sexy... let's party!"

The commercials are a return of sorts for Moss who was dumped by H&M, Burberry and Chanel after published photos and video appeared on the Internet purportedly showing her using cocaine. —Dan Havlik

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