Buffalo 8 GB Flash Drive, 4 GB CF Card, and 800 GB External Hard Disk Enclosure

Buffalo's getting ready to release three high capacity storage devices aimed at three different markets.

First, the 8 GB USB stick, which has 32 MB/s write and 27 MB/s read. This will be available sometime in June, but prices haven't been set.

The 4 GB high speed CF card for digital cameras is also set for release in mid-June with no price yet (they better get crackin', it's June as of today).


Lastly, the USB 2.0/Firewire compatible external hard disk enclosure that comes in two models. The HD-W500IU2/R1 holds up to two 250 GB hard disks in RAID1, or as separate hard disks for 500 GB total storage. The HD-W800IU2/R1 holds two 400 GBs, for RAID or normal storage. This too will be available in June.


Thanks to Jimmy for the translations!

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