Pinnacle PCTV To Go: Slingbox Fighter?

Slingbox and Sony's Location Free TV have a Placeshifting competitor on their hands. And let's face it, Location Free TV isn't really competition to Slingbox, so really the question is, will Pinnacle have the balls to bring it to Sling?

This media streamer isn't HD, like the Slingbox Pro. It is wireless, and sends MPEG-2 over the home network, and MPEG-4 over the internet. For now, it seems as if it only works with PCs, while the Slingbox works with Macs, Windows Mobile devices like the Moto Q, and soon, Nokia devices running Symbian.

Let's see: Pinnacle has tons of experience in processing video, but very little in the networking game. Both are important when it comes to building a solid placeshifting gadget. But given the sometimes shoddy consumer equipment that I've seen out of Pinnacle, I doubt this will be a worry free setup.


So, the odds are in Sling's favor, but we shall see when the reviews roll through. Jump for another picture.


Pinnacle PCTV To Go: Slingbox Fighter?

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