3D Modeling for the Tragically Untalented

If you want to start doing 3D design but are just too damned lazy to actually learn how to create 3D models, you've got a couple of options.

You could drop $40,000 on the Z Scanner (from Z Corp, natch), or you could get the Scene-Scanner from Industrial Research in New Zealand for an unspecified price. Both devices create 3D models when you wave them over an object, but the Z Scanner has an optional $20,000 3D printer that will create mini-models of your brilliant… scanning. Plus, the Scene-Scanner isn't even slated to come out for another 2 years, so I guess the Z Scanner is the only choice you've got. That, or taking the time to learn to do it by hand, you lazy slob.

Z Scanner product page [via Crave]


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