Detroit Metro Airport Gets a Cellphone Lane

Following in the steps of our somewhat-local airport in San Jose, Detroit's Mcnamara Terminal at the Metropolitan Airport is getting their own cellphone waiting lane. Just like cellphone waiting areas, this 50-car-length lane, dubbed Dingell Lane, will accommodate cars waiting to pick up arriving passengers. Park here first, wait for the dude a call, then drive to the terminal. It saves you gas and it lessens traffic for everyone else.

Perhaps it's just the way the airport's designed, but wouldn't a parking lot rather than a lane make more sense?

And yes, that's Dingell as in named after the still-living Representative John Dingell, (D-MI) — so you know, you can now make a ring-ding while parked on Dingell Lane. Hah, I slay me.

You slay us too, Ray.


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