While we were busy fighting with relatives and stuffing our faces with turkey, our friends across the pond at T3 got to feel up Fujitsu's new UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC). Now I haven't been that big a fan of UMPCs (for a few pounds more, why not just carry an ultraportable), but this one here is a little different in the sense that it unfolds to reveal a full keyboard. It also looks like a giant Gameboy SP. Click through for extra pics.

The keyboard unfolds to the right to reveal a full set of keys, although it might be funny typing with the screen to your left and I'm also wondering how sturdy the keyboard feels.

Fujitsu's UMPC Hides Full Keyboard


Paranoid types can rest in peace knowing that if they lose their UMPC Fujitsu fitted it with a biometric scanner.

Fujitsu's UMPC Hides Full Keyboard


The touchpad seems ridiculously small, but it's nice to have nonetheless. That split where the keyboard unfolds might also get in the way of fast typers.

Fujitsu's UMPC Hides Full Keyboard

Fujitsu UMPC [via T3]