Apple Keynote 2007: What're the Odds?

As we're gearing up to bring Apple MacWorld Keynote 2K7 to you live, we thought now's a good time to ponder what the odds are of new hardware being released. Our Frankenrumor brought you ideas from every corner of the internets, but here it is, in odds form.

First off, there's likely going to be very little hardware announced Tuesday. Reason? Apple flies European journos to London for a simulcast and cocktails whenever Steve Jobs farts, but this time there's nothing. Nada.

Here's what we think, with some wildly ridiculous items at the end.


iLife, iApps '07: 99.99%
Apple dumps its updated suite of apps on us every year at this time—so why should 07 be any different? We've already seen leaks on Amazon and various other sites. The only reason is if they're holding it back for a simultaneous Leopard release, which is unlikely, and leads us to...


Apple Keynote 2007: What're the Odds?

OS X Leopard: 45%
From the developers releases Apple's been distributing, Leopard's not quite ready for release. They're still adding in features, fixing bugs, and tightening up various loose ends. It's very unlikely that they'll have Leopard ready for release on Tuesday, but Steve will definitely talk about it.

Apple Keynote 2007: What're the Odds?

iTV: 50%
From what we're hearing, iTV's not quite ready for public consumption. The delay supposedly comes from OS problems, which is strange seeing as it's not too hard to put together a set top box. Maybe they're putting HD into it?

Apple Keynote 2007: What're the Odds?

Touchscreen iPod: 85%
After the mediocre improvement at Showtime in September, Apple better have something impressive to show the world that the iPod is still the king in media players. Some kind of connectivity to catch up to the Zune would be nice, but unlikely. But there should definitely be some iPod news.

Truckload of more video content for iTunes: 90%
There hasn't been all that many additions to the iTunes movie store since launch. Our guess is Apple's been bundling them all up for a massive dump come MacWorld. Kind of boring, but boring enough to be true.

Apple Keynote 2007: What're the Odds?

Apple Phone: 55%
All signs point to the existence of a phone, but whether it's coming now is still iffy. We're leaning towards a yes, but not for countries other than the US at first.

Various Sized Cinema Displays With iSight: 75%
The fact that the iSight has been night unpurchaseable from Apple for a couple months now points us to the fact that they're dumping old stock in time for new iSights. Whether this means it'll be just standalone iSights—possibly with HD—or Cinema Displays with built-in iSights is still iffy.

Updated Mac Pro with Quad-Core or Blu-ray Support: 65%
The quad-core may be coming, but Blu-ray may not. Then again, it may. That's why this is a tossup.

Apple Keynote 2007: What're the Odds?

iTablet: 10%
Unlikely. There hasn't been any sign of this other than the patents. It usually takes Apple a little while to go from filing patents to pushing out a product.

Ultraportable MacBook Pro: 5%
With ridiculous specs like these, it's unlikely a thinbook will come near MacWorld.