Ultraportable MacBook Specs Leaked?

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Looks like the rumors surrounding that 12-inch MacBook Pro we spoke of earlier are starting to beef up. The gang at Mac OS Rumors is convinced Apple is working on a MacBook "Thin" and have listed all the specs they got from their "trusted sources in Cupertino and Southeast Asia." Apple may be working on an ultraportable, but we call BS on this "leak." Here's why.

First of all, look at these specs.

-2.16 or 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo

-1GB RAM (3GB max)

-ATI Radeon Mobility X1600 or Nvidia Go 7600

-8-hour battery life


Apple fanboys may wanna believe that's possible, but fitting all of that in a chassis that's supposed to be thinner than the current MBP? Keep dreaming. Compare that to the MacBook (which has integrated graphics and tops out at 2GHz) and you'll realize those specs are way too high to be real. As much as I'd love a thinner MacBook Pro for the holidays, this is beyond wishful thinking.

MacBook Thin [Mac OS Rumors]


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