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Rumor: Ultra Thin 12" MacBook Pro

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Another day, another Apple rumor. This one takes the form of a razor thin 12" MacBook Pro.

Unlike most of the other compact laptops available, the MacBook Pro will supposedly still sport a built-in optical drive and will also be equipped with a dual-core processor. It should fall somewhere in the $1700-1800 range. Still uncertain though is the release date. From what info is available all signs are pointing to around a February release. Whether that means a MacWorld announcement and a February shipping date, or a strait February announcement nobody knows.


What I do know is that this couldn't have come at a worse possible time, as I was just getting ready to sell my PowerBook and upgrade to a MacBook Pro. But what I really wanted was a smaller form factor with decent power. And this rumor is baiting me hook, line, and sinker.- Ben Longo

Sources confirm plans for a smaller, ultra-thin form factored MacBook Pro [MacScoop]