Philips Press Conference Live

11:09: VP Andrew Goldman kicks things off. We've got two speakers, one of which is NOT the CEO because he busted himself all up skiing.

11:11: Lucas Covas and his sexy European accent takes the stage. Points out the dudes wearing "luminous" clothing that has a display built-in hanging around the room. Also points out their 2007 17 CES Innovations Awards.

11:15: Talks about a bunch of old stuff like Skype phonea and amBX gaming speakers, and Ambilight TVs.


Philips Press Conference Live


11:17: Stewart Miller, President of Philips North America joins Lucas on stage. They then show off the 1,000,000th Ambilight TV manufactured that's all tricked out with 2,000 diamonds. Classy.

11:20: Philips is focused on flat TVs. In 2007 Philips will offer 30 new models of flat TVs, with larger sets being 1080p. Perfect Pixel HD Engine is a chipset dedicated to pumping out 1080p HDTV resolution, decreasing motion blur, increasing contrast, etc.

11:22: 120Hz refresh rate give 4ms response time on their new LCD TVs. New 32-inch, 47-inch, and 52-inch amilight LCDs coming this year.

11:24: Ambisound gets rid of surround sound speakers and puts everything up front. Shows it off with a Fantastic Four clip. Here's the deets:

Philips Press Conference Live

Ambisound HTS8100
Price: $ 999
Availablity: second quarter 2007

Philips Press Conference Live

Model: HTS6600
Price: $ 599
Availablity: second quarter 2007

Philips Press Conference Live

11:27: Supreme commander video game clips with crazy lights all over the room. Showing off the amBX speakers with lights. It blows all sorts of wacky lights all over the place and vibrates your wrists while you play. Some crappy looking games like "Broken Sword: The Angel of Death" are already programmed to use amBX stuff.

11:31: Blu-ray rah rah rah. 25GB discs out now, 50GB discs on their way. New BR player plays the discs and upscales DVDs.

11:32: VoIP phones. Philips HD voice technology improves call quality.

11:34: Digital picture frames in 7 and 9-inch models. Internal memory holds the pics, holds albums, does slideshows with transitions.

11:36: Portable DVD players that can also view digital photos, comes loaded with video iPod docks. New surge protectors as well, including the squid design.

11:38: Wireless HDMI can transfer uncompressed 1080p HD over the air. designed to replace wiring between TV and components. It supports HDMI 1.3, which is nice.

Philips Press Conference Live

11:43: And that's it. Pretty underwhelming if you ask me. Ah well, can't win 'em all.