Just in time for Valentine's Day (or maybe a bit too late) are EarDrops, rose-shaped earbuds from Elecom that give you a unique flowering rose backing in a variety of colors. They supposedly sound as good as they look, too, with the company touting their frequency response at 20Hz to 20kHz. The EHP-AIN40 series is shaped like a rosebud, and the EHP-AIN50 series (pictured above) is more open, looking more like a rose bloom. Both are on sale now in Japan for about $25.

These are all pretty and cute now, but how will they look with a good coating of ear cheese slathered on the business end? Perhaps it'll look like the buds have been pollinated. That's okay, keep those tips in your ears, and only the attractive rose-shaped side will show.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, take a look at the rosebud models and some attractive female models wearing them as well:


Elecom Rose EarDrops Phones: Rosebuds for Your Ears

Elecom Rose EarDrops Phones: Rosebuds for Your Ears


We're liking the idea of earbuds as fashion items, akin to earrings. The artform is improving, as evidenced by comparing these rose buds with a crude earlier attempt at catching the eyes of the ladies.

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