This year's crop of Electrolux Design Lab entries include several gadgets you have little chance of finding in your kitchen of the future.


Teleport Fridge

Why: Unless you can find a way to live for another 1000 years, a fridge that teleports food to you probably won't be a part of your kitchen of the future.



Why: Test tube meat...mmmm good!

Wall Oven

Why: The fire department might have a problem with you openly zapping food with a three laser cooking system.



Origin Bubbles

Why: "Self-contained, palmed-size packets, the Origin Bubbles electronically regulate the temperature of food molecules. These molecules are then transformed into tasty, real life dishes at the touch of a button."

Is this molecule...submarine...thingy even based on actual science?

Vaccine Refrigerator

Why: If you need a magnetically cooled fridge to house over 1000 vaccines and antivenins, chances are the apocalypse has occurred. [Electrolux via Appliancist]


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