This Sniff toy dog by Sara Johansson looks like a regular stuffed dog, but actually has lots of components inside to make it (arguably) smarter than a real dog. Or, at least, a squirrel.

Sniff, the RFID Dog, Likes to Smell Your Credit Cards

The video illustrates what Sniff can do, including sniffing out RFID tags to instigate "activities" such as different behaviors and vibrations and melody games. I can't tell how well this works, but that little girl in the video looks like she's having the best time ever, so that's pretty cool. And Sniff is designed with sight-impaired children who have special needs in mind, which makes it even cooler.


You'll have to wait a bit longer if you want to get Sniff for your kid, but you can get a book right now about a day in the his life, written by the creator. [Nearfield via Make]