This Solid Steel Mouse Pad Looks Sharp

Greensforged sells hand-made steel mouse pads. Their lineup includes the Cirque du Pwnage, the Teardrop, and the Hugepad. They're all steel and they're all badass. But the The Ravenholm, with a circular saw design, is the baddest-ass of them all.

The Ravenholm, made of 1/8" hot-rolled steel sheet, can be yours for only $50. It not only provides a "low-friction gliding surface that maximizes laser sensitivity" but will convince you that you're the meanest son of a bitch in whatever multiplayer match you find yourself in.

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Greensforged will stamp custom text on any of their pads, and, if you're so inclined, will even work with you to cut a steel pad of your own design. Seems like a sound investment, if not for the benefit of your mouse then just for the safety of your person. [Greensforged via CrunchGear]