183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

There's no going wrong with HDR photography. At its most sensitive, the technique allows for color/tone gradients rarely appreciated by anything but the naked eye. At its most aggressive, HDR's a hyperreal spectacle. This week's Shooting Challenge celebrate both schools:

Lead Shot

This photo was taken in the middle of Tokyo (Ginza area) a few days ago. It had been raining all through the afternoon and dusk, when I took this shot. Even through the rain, I took my tripod out into the middle of the street to do my best to capture some of the amazing Tokyo scenery from the ground level. This was taken with a Nikon D3X, f/8, 19mm (Nikon 14-24mm lens), and ISO 100. There were 5 exposures from -2 to +2. (Technique here.)
[Ed note: Trey is a god in HDR circles. We're honored he participated.]
-Trey Ratcliff

This Looks Like Things Look

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers


This was taken on the waterwalk in Brooklyn, close to Ceaers Bay. I climbed down onto the rocks to get this shot.
Camera: Canon 40D
Lens: Canon 10-22mm ef-s @ 10mm f/8.0
Shot in RAW, and auto bracketed -2, 0, +2 metered for whole scene.
Photoshop CS4 for RAW editing, changed white balance and a little sharpness, saved as full resolution and quality JPEG files.
Photomatix for HDR conversion, and tone mapping.
Back to CS4 for de-noiseing, cropping, and resizing.
-Taras Zadorozhny

I Want to Go There

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

[Ed note: description redacted as it seemed to apply to a different shot, but this was nice!]
-Pablo N. Piedra

Dazzling Dank

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

Taken with a Nikon D300 of a building being constructed near campus
Tripod used, 9 images, stacked with Photomatix
-David Little


That's It, I'm Becoming a Farmer

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

Canon T1i
Kit Lens 18-55 IS
ISO 200
Tripod – 3 shot HDR
This old barn had caught my eye as I was driving around Michigan. I stopped to take some pictures and the composition came out well.
-Chris Vasta

That's It, I'm Becoming a Dark Priest

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

It has been taken this afternoon with my Canon Rebel T1i (500D) with the focal length at 10mm.
All five shots were taken at ISO 100 f:11
I used Manfrotto 190XPROB to ensure stability and to be able to take them very close to the ground level.
Finally, all shots were put together using Photomatix on my MBP
-Jessii Leduc

The Burbs

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

3 Exposures (-2,0,2)
Canon EOS Rebel XS
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX
11mm at f/4.0
Set on tripod
[Ed note: Take a simple suburb, add a hyperreal glow and put the horizon off kilter...my eyes just keep coming back to this.]
-Taishi Matsumoto

Mundane Divinity

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

This is the church where i grew up... a beacon of light in a dark world. taken with an alpha 200 with no tripod
-Denise Dopps

Italy, Just Barely In Color

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

Panasonic GF1, 7 Step 2/3 Bracket, Lake Como Italy
-Chris Keating

Laguna Beach, Non-MTV Version

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

Taken this past week in Laguna Beach!
Nikon D300, 5 exposures (=2 to -2), Tone Mapped in Photomatix, Nikon 12-24 f/4.0, Tripod, f/22, Focal Length: 12 mm, ISO 200
Laguna is one of my favorite places to visit in the US. The coast is wodnerful anytime of the day! This was taken in Heisler Park at Sunset.
-Pete Talke

Old Barn

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

Equipment used: Canon Rebel XTi with a kit 18-55mm lens. "Broken Barn" shot in La Grande, Oregon at the Hot Lake Hotel, one hell of a creepy place.
[Ed note: The rays of light almost appear to be pushing the barn over.]
-Daniel Berman


183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

Included are my attempts at an HDR Panoramic shot for the contest ( I know panoramic wasn't specified, but hey, I'm trying something different ! )
I'm using a Canon 40D body, and for this particular shot I used the Canon EF 28-135mm IS USM lens , shot at 120mm @ F 13, ISO 100. I used the free software HUGIN to stitch my images together, and I used Photomatix Pro to render my HDR's before assembling them.I initially shot 12 images, which created 4 hdr's, and stitched those into the final image. The end result is an image of 9858 x 2408 pixels.
[Ed note: You need to see this in its mega size to appreciate it here.]
- Stephen Nesbit

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Thanks to everyone for participating—once again, you've amassed an incredible collection of photos we're proud to post on Giz. To download the images in high, wallpaper-ready resolutions, go here.

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