ZumoCast: A new service entering private beta, ZumoCast turns your computer into a personal cloud for streaming video to your iPad on the fly. It's not quite as polished as StreamToMe or AirVideo yet, but it has an online interface for streaming over 3G and has some features in the works—like offline caching—that will make it a serious contender. Free to try, too. Read about it in more detail here.
Also works with the iPhone

Annamika: An animated, customizable kaleidoscope that comes with some beautiful stock art. But things get even more fun when you run your own images through the software (resulting in things like the trippiest game of Words With Friends ever.) It's a bit steep at $5, but for iPad owners who enjoy the interactive art app genre, it's worth a place in your collection.

Autodesk Fluid FX: Bringing Hollywood-grade multitouch image manipulation software from Autodesk Maya, the app offers tons of controls for creating cool images or warping existing ones. There might be a little bit too many controls, though—the interface is cramped and tough to use on the iPhone and even on the iPad is a lot to get used to. A steep learner's curve, sure, but that means there's plenty to discover. $2
Also works with the iPhone


Gravity Hook HD: From Semi Secret Software, the folks behind the acclaimed escape runner Canabalt, Gravity Hook HD offers beautiful, pixel-era graphics with simple, deceivingly difficult climbing gameplay, a la Oddy Smog's Misadventure. $3