These Are Nokia's Hot New Windows Phones

We flew all the way to London and crashed on a friend's couch just to tell you all about the new hotness from Nokia. Nokia? Huh? Why? Because this is important: Windows Phone has long been a legit competitor in need of some sexy hardware.

It just got it.

As promised, Nokia just threw a significant pile of chips on the smartphone table with two sweet new Windows Phones, The Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. Though they looked awesome from afar, they look even better now that we've had a chance to ogle them.

The Lumia 800

The Flagship of the day, the much-leaked 800 has all the bits and blinkies to be legitimately worth thinking about when buying a new phone. In typical Nokia fashion, the phone is a gorgeous piece of hardware. We'll keep updating the post as we learn more, but here's what we know: