Australia Building Huge Electric Car Grid: 600,000+ Stations By 2012

Apparently not content with just one giant ongoing infrastructure project »10/24/08 5:50am10/24/08 5:50am, Australia has committed to fully outfitting three of its biggest cities for widespread electric car use. In hardware terms, that amounts to 200,000-250,000 charging stations for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with an additional 150 battery…

Six-Bay MacBook and iBook Charger Is An Orgy Of Charging

Oncore's just released a six-bay MacBook and iBook charger which, as its name implies, can charge six batteries at the same time. Or rather three batteries at the same time, since it's divided up into three sets of two charging bays. Each bay can charge one while holding onto the other for when the first is done. This… »8/11/08 8:20pm8/11/08 8:20pm

Charging Station Holds a Quintet of Energy-Thirsty Devices in Orderly Fashion

There's no shortage of charging stations, but this $49.95 Five Device Recharging Station that starts shipping next week looks especially orderly with its differently sized places at the ready for your various devices. There's four AC outlets, and even two USB ports from which you can gather juice. And, it's all… »12/28/07 9:58am12/28/07 9:58am

Easy To Make IKEA Charging Station Cleans Up Cables, Lowers Blood Pressure

There's nothing quite like a mass of cluttered cables to cause a stress-related premature death — luckily, the guys over at Instructables have a cheap and easy solution. This involves buying a plastic box and lid from IKEA (it doesn't have to be IKEA, but it's much hipper if it is), buying a drill with a large bit,… »9/24/07 8:20pm9/24/07 8:20pm

Multipot Table Lamp and Charger Hides Wires, Charges You Up

Apparently built for wire-a-phobes, the Multipot Table Lamp and Charger is a shiny and expensive device that hides that rat's nest of charging cables you've been accumulating and functions as a charging station for your cellphone at the same time. Available in white, black, shiny chrome (pictured here) or amber, it… »1/04/07 1:15pm1/04/07 1:15pm