The Pentagon's Super-Fast Robot Now Runs on Its Own

Last year, DARPA unveiled Cheetah: a robot that could run faster than Usain Bolt. Now, the same team has managed to create a version that doesn't need a power cord, making the electronic beast free to roam wherever it chooses. Be afraid. Be very afraid. » 10/04/13 4:27am 10/04/13 4:27am

Stabilized Action Cam and Smartphone Mounts Smooth Out Your Home Vids

It doesn't matter how extreme your stunt was no one's going to want to see your home video when it's bouncing all over the place making people sick to their stomach. But now you can skip the stabilization software and stop the shaky cam problem at its source with these handheld gimbals. » 10/02/13 8:50am 10/02/13 8:50am

Watching a Cheetah Run in Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Damn Fast

Since we've already seen how people capture a photograph of a cheetah running at full speed, it makes sense to see the other side: the slow motion footage of a cheetah running. It's mother naturally beautiful. » 11/27/12 2:00am 11/27/12 2:00am

Pentagon Robot Is Faster Than Usain Bolt—and Freaks the Hell Out of Me

This is freaking scary. This is even scarier than Big Dog. It's the latest version of the Pentagons's newest Cheetah robot and it now runs faster than Usain Bolt. 0.5 miles per hour faster than the fastest man on Earth. » 9/05/12 5:53pm 9/05/12 5:53pm

DARPA's Newest Robot Is Possibly Its Creepiest Ever

We love DARPA's unsettlingly-lifelike BigDog bot. We love it in spite of the fact that it's absolutely terrifying in motion. Now it has some bestial competition: the DARPA Cheetah. Ugh. Its legs. Its legs are so frightening. » 3/05/12 1:20pm 3/05/12 1:20pm

A Cheetah-Inspired Robo-Beast and a Headless Terminator

Remember Boston Dynamics, the company responsible for the oh-so-creepy BigDog robot? Well they're still at it, except now they're working on a cheetah-like robot (called Cheetah) that can chase us down like prey, and a humanoid, bipedal robot that looks like the Terminator crossed with the Headless Horseman. » 2/25/11 7:20pm 2/25/11 7:20pm

Paralympics: The Games Where Bionic Athletes Reign

Tech and the Olympics are a recipe for controversy. Before double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius (right) was finally approved to compete in the Olympics » 9/12/08 6:00pm 9/12/08 6:00pm (he , barely), naysayers claimed his carbon-fiber Cheetah blade prostheses gave him an advantage over non-cyborg competitors. And Speedo's for rendering…

Cheetahs, Pumas and Tigers, Oh My: The Two-Minute OS X History Primer

Later today we'll find out what (if any) new secret features made it into Apple's latest kitty—hopefully a few from our list—in addition to everything we already know. » 6/11/07 10:00am 6/11/07 10:00am

GPSMirror Helps You Avoid Speeding Tickets

Tired of getting busted on the road by those hidden speed cameras? Cheetah's GPSMirror is a rearview mirror for your car that warns you of incoming traffic cameras so you can slow down and avoid those nasty speeding tickets. The mirror displays your speed and can be programmed to give you visual, spoken, or audible… » 5/16/07 10:08am 5/16/07 10:08am