MIT's Robot Cheetah Now Jumps While Running, So Walls Won't Protect You

MIT has already demonstrated that its incredibly nimble and fast robot cheetah can run free without the need for cables or safety tethers. But now it’s not only able run down its prey out in the open, it can also jump without losing its stride. So when the robot uprising eventually happens, ducking behind a wall isn’t going to help you. Thanks, MIT!

This video actually shows the robot cheetah clearing obstacles just over 15-inches tall while running, and without the need for a single cable tether while it’s being tested outside the lab. MIT claims this is the first four-legged robot that can run and jump over obstacles autonomously, so if it’s chasing you down an alley, you can forget about knocking over trash cans to slow it down.



I finally realized what’s the most offputting thing about this robot...

that gait is completely unnatural. It looks like it’s supposed to be a canter, except the legs are squared off. Animals would have one leg in front leading and the opposite rear leg leading, but here both pairs are even. It’s completely unnatural!