James Bond and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were created by the same person

Whimsical 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is best remembered for its nutty flying car and catchy songs. One piece of chitty-chitty-memora-bang-bang-bilia (sorry) that often gets overlooked: The source material was written by Ian Fleming, who is much better known for creating the most famous fictional secret agent in… » 11/11/14 6:17pm 11/11/14 6:17pm

Who Wants a Flying Car? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Car Up For Grabs

Provided you have a million or two in your pocket, you could be flying off into the the sunset with your very own Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. Starring in the 1968 film, based on Ian Fleming's novel, the car not only runs perfectly, but it's fully road-worthy too. » 4/26/11 5:10am 4/26/11 5:10am