Nevermind Obama - Vote Anonymous in 2012

LulzSec may have been in it for the laughs, but Anonymous has always claimed that its hack attacks and DDoS bombs are designed to push forward a liberating social agenda. "Hooey," you might say, "What about that time Anonymous harassed that kid with the No Cussing Club?" and we'd have no option but to nod our heads… » 7/09/11 10:00am 7/09/11 10:00am

Lightning Review: Voting Machines (Verdict Pending)

The Gadget: » 11/04/08 10:15am 11/04/08 10:15am Touchscreen, punch card and lever voting machines Free with registration Unclear.There have been , but all that matters is them working on the release day. And is finally the release day for these super-hot gadgets after an agonizingly-long two-year marketing push, so expect lines as long as the iPhone…