Our Samsung Galaxy S5 Liveblog Starts Right Now

Today, Samsung will deploy the Galaxy S5, the latest in its venerable line of Android smartphones. You can watch it live in the stream blow, or if you're more into reading, we'll be providing a delicate coat of analysis and sass in the liveblog even further down. » 2/24/14 1:54pm 2/24/14 1:54pm

This Was the First Plane To Cost $1 Billion More Than We Expected

Delivering America's military might to foreign shores is no small feat, especially when that might is the size of an M-1 Abrams tank. For more than half a century, we've relied on one of the largest military aircraft in existence to do so—a plane that ended up costing just a little more to build than we expected. » 12/19/13 11:40am 12/19/13 11:40am

Pouring creamer into coffee in slow motion looks intergalactic

The beautiful Milky Way is above us and around us but is also actually in our coffee cups too. What? Just watch Modernist Cuisine pour creamer into coffee in super slow motion, it's like watching another galaxy form or something. Life should have a slow motion mode so we can appreciate the little things. » 12/04/13 8:25pm 12/04/13 8:25pm

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: A Little Bigger Screen, A Lot Better Guts…

Surprise surprise, there's a new Galaxy Note. Whodathunkit? But with the Mega on the scene, the new Note 3 isn't the leader of the pack when it comes to screen-size anymore. It looks like it's getting a little bump in screen size up to 5.7 inches from 5.5, and is actually a couple grams lighter then the II. But don't… » 9/04/13 1:09pm 9/04/13 1:09pm

Samsung's Smartwatch Live Blog Bonanza Starts Right Now

This afternoon, Samsung will kick off its Smartwatch Era with the introduction of the Galaxy Gear. It's a watch but it's smart in that it will know when someone is calling you and can take pictures with it and it will have apps. But can it love? Join our liveblog right here—and/or watch the stream above—at 1PM ET to… » 9/04/13 12:37pm 9/04/13 12:37pm

A Samsung official has officially confirmed that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is indeed arriving on September 4th as we thought — and that it won't have the flexible display Samsung's been experimenting with. The Galaxy Note III phablet will also be unveiled alongside the wrist device. [Korea Times via TechCrunch] » 8/27/13 6:31am 8/27/13 6:31am

"Armed Subject" At a College Was Actually Just Carrying a Samsung Phone

Earlier today, students at California State University, Long Beach were asked to evacuate and/or take shelter after reports that there was an "armed gunman" on campus. People were told to, "lock and blockade doors, close blinds, silence cell phones and remain calm." Scary. Luckily, there wasn't a shooter though. It was… » 8/13/13 7:53pm 8/13/13 7:53pm

This Stunning Spiral Galaxy Is Out There Right Now

No matter how wry your sense of humor or how pessimistic your outlook, you have to give into your human capacity for awe at some point. And it might as well be now because this photo is amazing. The spiral galaxy, M74, consists of about 100 billion stars and is 32 million light-years away if you're headed toward Pisces » 8/11/13 6:35pm 8/11/13 6:35pm