Oh Hey, Android TV Was All Over CES Three Months Ago

Google TV has been dead in the water for a while now, but rumor has it that a flashy new successor, Android TV, is on the way. There are rumors, and also it was hiding in plain sight at CES three months ago. » 4/07/14 10:25am 4/07/14 10:25am

Report: Android TV Will Be Google's Next Big Set-Top Box Push

The Verge just revealed that Google may venture into set-top TV devices with the as-yet-unannounced Android TV. Quoting internal documents, the report indicates Google is planning a device like Roku or the new Amazon Fire TV to put Android in your living room. » 4/05/14 2:41pm 4/05/14 2:41pm

Netgear's HDMI Dongle Is Your Storage-Friendly Answer to Chromecast

While Google's Chromecast might seem poised become the quintessential universal streaming device, it's taking a hell of a long time to get there. So in the meantime, Netgear's new NeoMediacast dongle is picking up where Chromecast left off by offering streaming content with Micro SD storage capabilities—assuming… » 1/06/14 8:30am 1/06/14 8:30am

Google TV may be dead, but according to reports from The Information, Nexus TV is on the way as early as Q1 2014. Complete with a touchpad remote! We'll just have to wait and see, but maybe just make the Chromecast a little better in the meantime, eh Google? [The Information] » 12/06/13 5:06pm 12/06/13 5:06pm

Google TV is dead, and its zombie successor will be called "Android TV," at least according to a report by GigaOM. The branding change isn't official yet, but it sounds plausible enough. The real question is what does this mean for devices? We'll have to wait and see. [GigaOM] » 10/10/13 8:59pm 10/10/13 8:59pm

Confession: Maybe Coming Back to Cable TV Was a Bad Idea

After 2.5 years without cable TV I decided it was time to come back. Why? There were a number of reasons, which you can read about here. Now that I'm back, though, I regret it. Honestly, what the hell is going on? » 8/20/13 3:20pm 8/20/13 3:20pm

Google Chromecast Rooted, Revealing Google TV Origins

We haven't even known about Google Chromecast for a week, and already, hackers have found a way to gain root access to the hardware. Now, it's time to poke around and see what's inside. » 7/29/13 9:47am 7/29/13 9:47am

Report: Google Wants to Make a Streaming Television Service

The Wall Street Journal reports unnamed sources that say Google has approached big media companies about licensing TV shows for a streaming television service it wants to launch. Intel and Apple have also been working on similar services. » 7/16/13 4:06pm 7/16/13 4:06pm

Google I/O: What's New in Android, Chrome, and Beyond

Well, it's here at last, Google's annual orgy for developers and fanboys alike. Rumors have been flying, but we're about to find out what's what for real. » 5/15/13 12:01pm 5/15/13 12:01pm

Asus's Qube for Google TV Might Finally Make Google TV Worth Using

Google's Nexus Q was supposed to be the thing that legitimized Google TV, taking it from comical TV feature to a fluid addition to Google's services. Instead, it flopped, then never even came out. So Asus decided to make its own streaming box. » 1/07/13 12:00pm 1/07/13 12:00pm

New Google TV Devices Are on the Way From Asus, Hisense, TCL, and Others

In a blog post, Google says that next week at CES bunches of manufacturers will be showing off new products with Google TV. Will it be enough to save Google TV from failure? » 1/04/13 12:10pm 1/04/13 12:10pm

Trolling YouTube On Your TV Just Got Easier

Last November Google announced a nifty little feature that lets you browse for YouTube videos on your Android device and then sling and control them to your Google TV TV. Pretty cool if you have a Google TV that hasn't kicked the bucket or you're even still using it. » 1/03/13 12:00pm 1/03/13 12:00pm

The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

Lots of fun, good, and exciting things happened in our world this year. But there were still so many things that could've been truly great, but flopped. Broken promises. Awful gadgets. Here's what broke Gizmodo's heart in 2012. » 12/25/12 11:00am 12/25/12 11:00am

LG Adds Google TV to Seven Sets for Smarter Channel Surfing

Keypads are quickly becoming a legacy techonology thanks to a collaboration between LG and Google TV. The company announced today that it is expanding Google TV functionality to seven of its 2013 models. » 12/23/12 5:16pm 12/23/12 5:16pm

Google Just Beat Siri to TV Voice Search

Google TV is getting voice search. And that's pretty awesome because some of us get violently angry at scrolling through pages and pages of a guide. » 11/14/12 9:30am 11/14/12 9:30am

Vizio Co-Star: The Best of the Bad Google TV Boxes

Google TV is still confused, confusing, and not a very helpful thing to buy into your life. So far, the TV gadgets using it have been mediocre. Vizio's stab at Google TV, the Co-Star, is the best box yet—but will anyone care? » 11/06/12 5:20pm 11/06/12 5:20pm

Google Play Just Gave Google TV a Reason to Exist

Google TV just became a thing you might actually want to use. According to a post on the Google TV blog, starting today, you can watch and listen to Google Play Movies, Music, and TV shows from your Google TV. » 10/08/12 1:34pm 10/08/12 1:34pm

What's Google Announcing at I/O Today?

With WWDC behind us and Microsoft's Surface tablet out of the bag, it's Google's turn to take the lid off its latest. Its annual I/O developer conference, which kicks off today at 12:30EST, should offer a heaping buffet of new products and software developments. But let's start with the usual amuse-bouche: a crapload… » 6/27/12 8:54am 6/27/12 8:54am

Vizio Co-Star: Will This Cheap, Gamer-Friendly Box Make Google TV Suck…

So far nobody has gotten Google TV right. Sony's NSZ-GS7 is only the latest media streamer to fail. Vizio's been showing us some promising gear over the last year—can its new Co-Star save Google TV from mediocrity? Well, at least it's cheaper. » 6/26/12 9:33am 6/26/12 9:33am