Garmin's Edge 1000 May Be the Smartest Bike Computer Yet

While the phones in our pockets have been getting smarter and smarter at an alarming rate, bike computers (despite having the word "computer" right in their name) have been lagging way behind. But as sensors, radios, and chips have shrunk smaller and smaller, we've seen more and more intelligence come to the handlebars.… » 4/09/14 7:00am 4/09/14 7:00am

This Typeface Makes You a More Alert Driver By Distracting You Less

Despite the grim PSAs and massive fines, plenty of us still end up reading our in-dash displays on the road, whether to navigate or change the song. Today, the type design giant Monotype unveiled a typeface designed to help you read faster and more accurately while driving. How? With a few design tweaks. » 4/07/14 1:00pm 4/07/14 1:00pm

Garmin Forerunner 220 Review: Solid Running Watch With a Pretty Face

Garmin has been at this running-watch thing for a while. Most recently, the Forerunner 10 was the company's best attempt at a simple, easy-to-read watch, but, for all that, it still wasn't as simple to use as it ought to have been. Enter the Forerunner 220. It's the 10's younger, smarter, better-looking, more… » 2/19/14 3:40pm 2/19/14 3:40pm

No GPS Signal? No Problem: This Little Chip Knows Where You Are

GPS is a godsend when it works. Problem is, there are plenty of places it doesn't work—tall skyscrapers, concrete overpasses, and other huge structures all block the satellite signal you need to navigate. Luckily, Swiss company u-blox just devised a chip that keeps you on course when the satellites drop out, using the… » 2/08/14 6:00pm 2/08/14 6:00pm

A Hacker Found GPS Data in the Audio of This Police Chase Video

It's incredibly noisy in the cockpit of a helicopter, and you'd assume the sounds you hear in any YouTube police chase video were just the deafening whine of the chopper's engine. But as one hacker discovered, that monotonous drone can actually hide some useful data, like the helicopter's GPS coordinates. » 2/03/14 10:20am 2/03/14 10:20am

Garmin's Tiny Dash Cam Never Forgets Where or What Happened In a Crash

Russia seems to corner the YouTube market when it comes to crazy dash cam videos. But that could soon change when Garmin's new $250 Dash Cam hits the market in February. The tiny camera sits inside your windshield and records everything that's happening in front of your vehicle through a wide angle lens. And in the… » 1/06/14 7:00am 1/06/14 7:00am

This Laser Smartphone Add-On Accurately Measures Everything In a Photo

Forget the sanding, the painting, and all the construction; the worst part of a renovation is having to use a tape measure to size up a room. But if you're willing to cough up $560, there's now a much better way that almost sounds like magic. It's a smartphone accessory called the Spike that uses lasers, GPS, and… » 12/24/13 8:36am 12/24/13 8:36am

Florida Cops Are Testing GPS Bullets To Track Cars They're Chasing

It sounds like something straight out of Batman or James Bond's arsenal, but police officers in St. Petersburg, Florida are testing a vehicle-based cannon that fires GPS tracking devices at cars. The idea is that instead of continuing a dangerous high-speed pursuit, they'd just tag a vehicle they're chasing and then… » 10/28/13 12:20pm 10/28/13 12:20pm

Garmin Approach S4 Lets You Keep Tabs on Email While You're Out Golfing

It hasn't taken Garmin long to announce a successor to its Approach S2 and S3 golf watches announced earlier this year. But the latest edition to the lineup adds a feature that makes the S4 a must-have upgrade: Bluetooth, allowing the watch to relay notifications about incoming calls, emails, and texts while you're… » 10/15/13 11:57am 10/15/13 11:57am

Garmin's D2 GPS Watch Puts an Entire Cockpit on a Pilot's Wrist

A lot of watches claim to be designed for use by pilots, but just because they have an orange backlight to preserve night vision doesn't mean they're truly useful for aviation. That's not the case with Garmin's new D2 GPS watch, though. It seemingly puts an entire cockpit's worth of instrumentation and data on a… » 10/08/13 1:00pm 10/08/13 1:00pm

Every GPS App Should Make You Follow an Adorable Pack of Penguins

For a while, novelty celebrity voiceovers were all the rage when it came to GPS navigation units. But the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo has come up with a far more adorable way to get to your destination: by following a muster of virtual waddling penguins. » 10/07/13 9:20am 10/07/13 9:20am

NYT: The NSA Tested Out a Plan To Collect Tons of Phone Location Data

According to a report by the New York Times, the NSA tested a system to collect location data from American cellphones in bulk back in 2010 and 2011, before ultimately tabling any plans to roll it out. For now, anyway. » 10/02/13 11:19am 10/02/13 11:19am

The First Color Screen GPS Watch Can Predict Your Race Times

Garmin has long been working to design GPS-equipped watches that don't look like a monstrosity strapped to your wrist. And the company's new Forerunner 220 and 620 manage a svelte form factor that also squeezes in wireless connectivity, touchscreen functionality, color displays, and enough stat tracking to predict how… » 9/16/13 9:32am 9/16/13 9:32am

This GPS-Based Plane Tracker Makes Highways in the Sky

At bustling traffic hubs like O'Hare International, planes can spend an interminably long time waiting for their turn to land. And at airports like Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International, pilots must contend with tight flight paths to avoid crowded population centers and hills on their final approach. But thanks to a new… » 9/11/13 11:39am 9/11/13 11:39am

Resourceful Slacker Jams an Entire Airport Network to Get Off Work

As is becoming increasingly common, employers often use GPS devices on company cars to track their whereabouts during the workday. Which is great for security, sure, but significantly less great if you need a little you time for yourself (slackers). In order to combat this little hurdle, one New Jersey man named Gary… » 8/09/13 3:20pm 8/09/13 3:20pm