This Mysterious NYC Castle Was Actually America's First Cancer Hospital

On the southwest corner of Central Park West and 106th Street in New York City, there's an enormous castle. It takes up the whole east end of the block, with its red brick cylindrical turrets topped with gleaming silver cones. The stained glass windows and intricate stonework make the building look like something… » 9/19/14 5:30pm 9/19/14 5:30pm

Hospital Hacks Are Skyrocketing Because Hospitals Are Super Easy to Hack

According to a fresh report from cybersecurity experts, hospitals are hackers' new favorite playground. That's unsettling news for anyone who's ever visited a hospital (read: everyone) but it also offers a curious window into how we guard our most important data. Put bluntly, we do a pretty piss poor job of it. » 9/03/14 11:09am 9/03/14 11:09am

Why Chinese Hackers Stole 4.5 Million US Hospital Records

This month's installment of Chinese hackers stealing your data focuses on breaches at an especially scary type of venue: hospitals. A massive hospital empire that mostly serves small towns and rural areas reports that hackers lifted 4.5 million patient records earlier this year. You might be surprised by what the… » 8/18/14 12:20pm 8/18/14 12:20pm

Exploring the Decaying Ruins of Brother Island, NYC's Last Unknown Place

Surrounding the bustling island of Manhattan are countless lesser-known landforms. One of the most unique is North Brother Island. Sitting in the East River between the Bronx and Rikers Island, this unassuming chunk of land once housed a hospital where the city quarantined sick patients. » 4/28/14 4:40pm 4/28/14 4:40pm

Sanitizer-Dispensing Door Handles Ensure Hospital Staff Stay Clean

When you work in an environment that's all about battling germs, bacteria, and disease, common sense dictates that you should always keep your hands clean. But that's easier said than done, at least until these clever PullClean sanitizer dispensing door handles are installed in every hospital, doctor's office, and… » 3/28/14 10:40am 3/28/14 10:40am

Robotic Intubater Makes It Easier To Guide a Tube Through Your Throat

It's not the most pleasant experience, but patients placed under general anesthesia who might not be able to easily breathe on their own are usually intubated, a procedure where a breathing tube is inserted down into their tracheas through their mouths. Usually a skilled doctor or nurse guides the tube in visually,… » 8/09/13 1:20pm 8/09/13 1:20pm

New Bacteria-Resistant Hospital Sheets Can Keep You From Getting Sicker

The hospital isn't always the safest place; being around other sick people just breeds more sickness. Because as many as 10 percent of patients pick up some kind of infection while they're admitted, Spanish researchers have developed a textile that can kill bacteria and could be used in bed sheets and gowns. » 11/13/12 10:00am 11/13/12 10:00am

Wheelchair Morphs Into Bed, Claims Title of Ultimate Work-From-Home…

Transferring patients with limited mobility from a wheelchair to a bed could soon be an easier feat if Panasonic perfects this electric care bed it's been developing. It transforms from a wheelchair to a hospital bed so that patients don't ever have to actually be moved from one to the other. It's also an amazing… » 8/31/12 2:00pm 8/31/12 2:00pm

This App Is A Panic Button for Animal and People Emergencies

You're visiting a friend out of state with your cockapoo Curly, and your pound-size chocolate bar has gone missing. Curly has a chocolate mustache and is not looking altogether well. Panic! It's OK, go ahead. Because a new app called Press Panic provides an emergency-vet-finding, one-button app. » 3/22/12 4:20pm 3/22/12 4:20pm