These Insane Boats Can Go 50MPH in Just Four Inches of Water

Say you're a member of a search and rescue team. You get an alert that a kid is missing somewhere out there in your waterways, but the record-setting drought this year has left your rivers and streams impossibly shallow. Whatever. As long as you have four inches of water, you're golden. » 3/20/14 3:20pm 3/20/14 3:20pm

Impressive image shows America's newest aircraft carrier about to float

The first time you see an American nuclear super-carrier in person, you can't believe the size. It's simply astonishing. It must be even more impressive if you see it like this, fully naked in a dry dock about to be flooded. Expand it to see it at full resolution. » 10/17/13 7:24pm 10/17/13 7:24pm