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This is what Paris looks like from an eagle's point of view

Illustration for article titled This is what Paris looks like from an eagles point of view

This is the flight of Victor, a white tailed eagle, as he takes off from the Eiffel Tower, glides over the Trocadero, and plunges at 112 mph to land softly on his handler's arm. This was made to support Freedom, a project created by Jacques-Olivier Travers to reintroduce these birds back in France.

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John Smith

Well, that was amazing!

How does the bird find his handler?

I know raptors have exceptional vision, but did the eagle see the handler from launch, or did he have to scan for him as he got closer? If the latter, how does the bird know in what direction to begin and how does he recognize his handler once he's close enough to make a visual ID?